Saturday, December 8, 2018

Show notes: Episode 169: A Tip for Warming Your Holiday

Hey pals, my bad for the delay!

This week I bring you a shopping question, a tip for gift-giving, sports things, a sweet tune, and more - let's get to it!

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Question of the Week: 12/8/18

Morning, pals!

We're back with a retail question at this, the stupidest time of the year. Leave your answers (preferences?) in the comments and let's do the thing! Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, December 5!


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Show notes - Episode 168: Come On and Be Decent

Good day, friends!

Sorry we're a bit late, but being an adult takes time apparently. We did our best to get through some stuff, and we got to play a wonderful tune and hear The Captain sound off - yeah!

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Happy Holidays! Love, Netflix (Part 3)

Hey there!

For you TV fans, here are some special holiday episodes to get you into the spirit! Enjoy!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Happy Holidays! Love, Netflix (Part 2)

Hi, friends!

Here are some more movies that Netflix has for you to enjoy this holiday season!