Sunday, November 5, 2017

Show notes - Episode 112: Take a Break and Turn Your Head, We've Got Sweet Tunes!

Hi friend!

A day late, but these are the things I rambled about this week! Let's do the thing!

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To update you on my big adult responsibility, my freezer has been defrosted! I will plug it back in eventually. Or my wife will get tired of looking at it and do it herself (fingers crossed!).

If you missed it last week, do yourself a favor and watch the Linkin Park concert. It was an awesome tribute to Chester and it was wonderful to see everyone join in the celebration with some sweet tunes. Here's the thing!

My Halloween was a complete success, youse guyses! It took a lot of work (most by people who aren't me), but I won! If you had any costumed adventures, let's see some photos in the comments!

I don't know how I was reminded of this story, but it is fitting since we're in the season of people being extra stupid. I get that you want to use your coupons on everything, but that's not how the real world works. Take a minute to read, and maybe take an extra minute to ask an associate. How about we try to be pleasant this year? Is that too much to ask?

I know it's weird to call the first tune of the day a bonus, but that's just how the cookie crumbled. The band is A Story Told and their new record, Good Looks, is available wherever you get your sweet tunes. A big thanks to these guys, who will also be joining the show soon! Woooo!

I meant to dive into this two weeks ago, but there were more pressing matters. I'm actually glad I waited, because it gave me more time to figure out where to pause with heavy sighs. The bottom line here is this, friends: Stay on task in a group chat, and quit blowing up my inboxes with useless crap!

Since I always try to break up my yelling with funny stuff, I knew my head-spinner would be good in this spot. People ask if/assume that I'm mixed almost every day. But rarely does anyone have such an animated reaction. I hope that kid's okay!

NFL Game of the Week 9: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles

  • DEN: C.J. Anderson - he's been about the only bright spot for this offense.
  • PHI: Carson Wentz - dude looks legit and this team is going places!
  • WINNER: Eagles (though I figured the game would be closer!)

The entertainment section will be tighter this week, since I didn't really dive into the video games. But here's what you can watch right now!

Last Flag Flying

A Bad Moms Christmas

Thor: Ragnarok

On DVD now: The Dark Tower
$111.7m; 15% critics/50% audience

Our "planned tune" this week is from our friends, Half Past Seven. Their new EP comes out on November 10, so be sure to get the thing at all of the places! They will also be joining the show to make me feel super nervous and stuff! Woooo!

The World Series is over, friends. I am excited that the Astros won, because they were just so much fun to watch this year. And they are set up to be good for quite some time with a core of great young players. Do it up, Houston!

I am, however, bummed out because there is no more baseball this year. But I will do my best to keep you posted on some HOTSTOVE this winter. Let's have some fun!

Finally this week, The Captain returned to warm our hearts and ears with another Flyers Update. He puts in more work than I could, and scores every time. Now we have to hope that the team rises to meet him! Wooooo sports!

That's it for me (for meeee) today, y'all. Enjoy whatever you have going on this week. Crush it!

Crap open a cold one!

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