Saturday, March 10, 2018

Show notes - Episode 130: John Adams Appreciates Your Business

Hi, friend! Today we did some yelling, played a sweet tune, shared just enough, and heard the return of The Captain - let's go to work!

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I hope you found a way to celebrate the laaadiiieeees in your life this week (or any time, really). I will continue to yell about dumb things while shirtless to help the cause!

Let me say firstly that we had a great time at Red Lobster last week - the food was awesome, the massive drink was hilarious, and our server crushed it. But I cannot stress enough how much of a *coin* you are if you leave bad tips - especially if you aren't paying for the whole meal. Either tip well or stay home, jerks!

Now in theaters:

A Wrinkle in Time

The Strangers: Prey at Night

The Death of Stalin


Now on DVD (or Coming Soon? Who knows, really?):

The Disaster Artist

Molly's Game

Lady Bird

Yes friends, it's true: I have finished watching Boy Meets World [again]. And it was just as wonderful - even if it had more drama than I remember. It was weird to see how certain characters just vanished or were played by different actors (sup, Mr. Lawrence?) all at once in my binge, but that's how TV things work I guess. Do good!

Our sweet tune this week comes from our new friends, Remember Sports. Their new album, Slow Buzz, comes out May 18, and you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Yeah!

To everyone who answered this week's question on actors and their politics, thank you. It's tough, but I really do enjoy reading your feedback and trying to learn about how people see stuff and things. I guess I should have followed up, but I forgot so I'll do it here: Will you be watching the new Roseanne?

Finally this week, it was great to welcome back The Captain - top notch reporting as always, sir! Do it up!

And that's that, youse guyses. Thanks so much for joining me, and I hope the rest of your day kicks ass. Thanks also to Remember Sports for the tune! Wooooo!

Crap open a cold one!

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