Saturday, May 5, 2018

Show notes - Episode 138: Be My DM Guest

Hi, friends!

I hope your Saturday is off to a lovely start, and that you got to have some bacon already. This was a big show, and for once I didn't *coin* it up during the live stream, so let's get to it!

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I know that a lot of the cool kids stream audio on Twitch, but I had a bit of trouble actually getting started over there. Plus, I think people need an account to chat and I didn't want to create more work for anyone. Since most people have YouTube already on their gadgets, I went with that. So far so good!

Let's be real, folks: working on Sunday is terrible. It's even worse when you work with the general public because well, most of them are not smart. If you do shop on Sunday, do everyone a favor and don't be a *coin* about stuff. Trust me when I say that the cashier doesn't want to be in that spot any more than you do. So let's all be nice for once, shall we?

We switched it up a bit with the timing of stuff so I didn't have baseball and rasslin back to back - I learned that lesson in the first episode - and tossed you the MLB stuff early. The Phillies are struggling, the Red Sox and Yankees are not, people don't talk about the Diamondbacks enough, and Ichiro won't play again this season [maybe]. Also. last night Albert Pujols collected hit #3000! Wooo!

Credit: USA Today
Our question this week dealt with being a TV guest star, and I of course thought of a bunch of other shows I could be on right after I stopped recording. But it was a good time to ramble about TV things - thanks to everyone who gave an answer! I would also make a great zombie, so hit me up, Walking Dead big wigs!

I won't lie, friends: I am feeling way too lazy right now to post cover art for all of the movies and games this week. Instead, I'll just tell you to go see Bad Samaritan, The Cleanse, and Alex & The List if my previews sounded fun. And pick up Super Mega Baseball 2, City of Brass, Raging Justice, and Lake Ridden if you don't feel like going anywhere. Also let me know if you want to do a Wings podcast!

Our sweet tune this week comes from our new friends, Great Wight. I love this song. It's a great jam about real *coin* and the rest of the album is wonderful as well. Do it up!

So apparently I'm a guy who has guests on his podcast super often now. Many thanks to Vanessa for joining me this week to talk about how *coin* dudes can be online/in life. Don't be creepy, dudes! Also maybe don't meet your heroes, kids! Thanks, friend!

I think this week may have been my shortest rasslin preview ever, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited! Woooo rasslin! What else has me excited, you ask? That I can make someone else happy by giving a free legendary Pokemon for their fancy 3DS games! Do the thing!

And finally, what else else has me excited is that we have a new closing song! My thanks to Steve for being so cool about it (and for providing the theme for the show, as always), to Josh for making the suggestion, and of course to G. Love & Special Sauce for giving me the all clear! Gonna be great!

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Thanks for all of the stuff, everybody! Don't be a jerk, and enjoy yourselves today! Woooo!

Crap open a cold one!

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