Saturday, June 16, 2018

Show notes - Episode 144: Drafting with Respect to Breakfast

Hey, pals! It's been a tough few weeks in Pat Land, but I did my best to give you a [mostly] fun show. Thanks for sticking with me - let's do the thing!

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Since I recorded last week's show ahead of time, I knew I was going to open this episode with a tribute. Unfortunately I think I've gotten pretty good at giving eulogies on this show, but that certainly doesn't make them any easier. I have no idea what I'm supposed to write here, so I'll just tell you that my mother-in-law was so wonderful and I will miss her every day. Thanks for everything, Kelly.

Okay, there's no real way to transition in writing so I just have to keep swimming. I turned 30 on Monday and enjoyed the morning seeing the Game Masters Exhibition at The Franklin Institute. Being able to see games go from storyboard to console, and learning about how these developers came up with these ideas, was so much fun. If you enjoy gaming at all, I highly recommend this exhibit - and I hope the kids don't get in your way!

The question this week is unlike some previous questions in that there is no wrong answer. I love pancakes and I love waffles, so I figured why not see how youse guyses felt. Even though some of you jerks made me do extra work, I thank you for contributing. Now I need breakfast. I wonder what I should get...

Only a few movies this week, but they look like good ones. The Incredibles should be awesome and Tag, I think, will be a lot of fun. If you're into Travolta, he's playing Gotti - do it up! If you're a bum like me, get the Lego Incredibles game and/or Wreckfest and have some fun!

Our tune this week comes from our new friends, The Turbos. It is their latest and you can check out the music video here. I love this song and think it belongs in a baseball video game, which you know is high praise from me! Go get the thing!

I know I usually don't do sports and rasslin back to back, but I couldn't avoid it this week. Congratulations to the Washington Capitals, Golden State Warriors, and Justify for winning the things! If you could pass your good fortune to the Phillies, that would be lovely. Also if someone could play DH for your favorite National League team, who would you want? Wooo speculation!

If you prefer your sports-ing to be choreographed, fear not! NXT Takeover: Chicago II airs tonight and Money in the Bank gets rolling tomorrow night. I know I wasn't super pumped about the main show (still not), but there are two ladder matches so they should be great!

Finally this week, I found this wonderful tweet from Roy Wood Jr. that I just have to share with you. I will try to post the two follow-up ones, but it's technology so I can't promise things. Imagine your team made it to the playoffs with these two jokers - could you even?

And that, friends, is that. It was a tough start, but I thank you again for hanging with me (and for the well wishes - I really do appreciate them). Keep being awesome, boys and girls!

Crap open a cold one!

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