Monday, July 30, 2018

Question of the Week: 8/4/18

Hey, friends!

This week, let's talk about nerd stuff! Leave your answers in the comments and let's have some fun! Deadline for submissions is 6PM ET on August 1 - do it up!

Which super villain (overall or a particular iteration) is your favorite?


  1. Can't narrow it down to just one so I'll say: The Joker, Magneto, Doctor Doom, Nox from Wakfu, Mad Pierrot from Cowboy Bebop, The Lich from Adventure Time, and Hal Jordan cause he is the worst Green Lantern by far.

  2. Many of the ones I wanted to mentioned were in the post above from anonymous (Magneto, Joker, Dr. Doom). But, since those were all said, how about the Lex Luther from Smallville?

    I tend to find the best villians are the ones we get to watch have a conscience at times. Hence, my answers above.

    But I'd like to give credit to every villian incarnation in Fox's Gotham.

    And lastly, outside the realm of comic books, how avout Dr. Evil?