Monday, August 20, 2018

Question of the Week: 8/25/18

Morning, friends!

Since school will be starting soon/has started already (ridiculous), let's chat about it. Leave your answers in the comments, or as a voicemail here, and let's have some fun! Deadline for submissions is August 22 at 6PM EDT! Woooo!

Whether you're a student, teacher, parent, or commuter: how do you feel about back to school time?

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  1. I don't have kids (woo!) Or go to school (double woo!), but I look forward to there not being kids in my store during the day. Parents tend to utilize PetSmart as a free zoo visit during the summer. I'll take me early morning peace back and not getting yelled at for why people arent buying anything.

  2. Traffic changes as the buses begin stopping again and the 15 mph school zones are on again. It slows everyone down so you need to make adjustments when leaving the house at certain times of the day.

    I do enjoy the discounts series right before though on clothes, shoes, etc.

  3. It’s the sad unofficial end of summer. Though I don’t have to worry about running over kids while working.

  4. I used to enjoy going back to school. New school supplies, excitement about a new teacher and new classes. But parents are expected to buy everything for the classroom and the schools now, it makes me wonder what taxes are going to... Even private schools are asking parents to provide the school with trash bags and printer paper. I might as well start my own damn school. And now there are so many restrictions for things, kids can't get supplies that represent their own styles or interests. It's more a nostalgic and bittersweet time of year anymore.