Sunday, September 2, 2018

Dessert Menu: September 2, 2018

Happy Sunday, friends!

Every so often, I don't get to mention everything that goes into the show notes. Instead of putting it all off for a week, rendering it obsolete, I have decided to write it here on Sunday mornings.

Plus this means I get to use this sweet concept logo for the photo until I come up with a better one (and the "I" in this case is obviously my good pal, Tim Donnelly). Anywho, let's do stuff!

Madden shooting

I don't have a lot to say here, except that this event made me super angry. I don't want to go off on an anti-gun thing, because that's not really my stance. What I will say is that it's absolutely awful that people can't enjoy fun gatherings at this point without someone being a piece of crap. I have no idea what the solution is, but having mandatory background checks and some sort of national database would certainly help. I'm almost glad that only 10 people might see this so my words don't start an endless stream of name-calling. Just be better to each other already!

Louis CK

I understand why people are upset that he's back in the spotlight already. I also understand that some people can separate the art from the artist - for example, I will still enjoy Horace and Pete. I have not seen the surprise set he did, but I can guess that it made people uncomfortable. Admissions aside, his comedy has always made people uncomfortable. I realize this isn't an excuse or a "good take" or whatever, but the whole situation is weird.

All In

I meant to hype this yesterday, but it got bumped (I blame you, at least a little a bit). Last night I supported some independent rasslin and bought this show. Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks put it together as a bit of a "look what we can do" after a claim was made that their company (Ring of Honor) couldn't sell 10,000 tickets. Well they sold 10,451 in about 30 minutes before any matches were announced. I'll admit that I didn't know who a bunch of the rasslers were, but dammit that was a fun show top to bottom. For the most part, they put on matches for the sake of showcasing talent, and everyone delivered. Well worth the price of the stream!

Also Stephen Amell had his first singles match and he looked great. I am a bit surprised that his TV overlords gave him the go-ahead for it, but he was working with a true pro in Christopher Daniels so that certainly helped.

MLB teams abusing the DL?

I actually meant to talk about this with Josh two weeks ago, but then Jill joined us and I decided to spare her the extra baseball stuff. What some teams will do to cycle fresh players in and out is put guys on the 7-day disabled list. This avoids someone using a minor league option (those are limited), and allows players some rest during a taxing season. Some talking heads disagree with this practice, but not this afro. I am completely okay with this, and in fact I encourage it. Teams should do whatever they need to do [within the rules, of course] to make sure their best guys are fresh and ready for the stretch run. Now if we could only get around the whole "let's not call this guy up because service time" practice, I think we'd be in better shape.

How Joel Embiid learned 3-pointers

That's all for now, boys and girls - enjoy your adventures!

Crap open a cold one!

Photo credits: ESPN Facebook (Embiid), All In

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