Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Special: VISTA

Morning, friends!

Today I present a special sit-down (unless they were standing while using their fancy gadgets) with friends of the show, VISTA!

Full disclosure: I haven't done a written interview in nearly a decade, so I was a bit nervous about how this would all go down. But it was at least way less terrifying than speaking to them, and at best wonderfully fun and informative. So pause Big Mouth and do it up - also you can click the song covers to download each tune!

1. You released Born For Blood in September and said it was your last single for the year. Are you taking time off, or will you be touring again this year?

Hope: Nothing we can say yet! We technically never take time off. We’re always working on something, whether it’s an upcoming tour, writing new music, or anything else; we don’t ever just sit at home! Always something in the works.

Greg: Yeah. Thank god me and Hope came together. Because we’re definitely two people who don’t like too much time off. We are always itching to work on something.

2. With Witch Hunt and Born For Blood being released as singles, is that the plan going forward or is there a full album (or EP) in the works? Is there a significant difference in streams or downloads with singles rather than a full album or EP?

Hope: Witch Hunt and Born For Blood were both standalone singles and will not be featured on any upcoming record. As of right now, we’re just writing right now and seeing what comes out; we’re not writing for a new record specifically. Releasing two stand alone singles allowed us the chance to just push one song at a time, instead of trying to promote multiple or a larger body of work. Getting to put our focus on one thing definitely helped the promotion aspect, because it was hyper focused.

Greg: This is an age old question. It kind of depends on the type of band you are. But I generally believe you can’t go too long without releasing a body of work. The two standalone singles were really cool because I feel like the “hyper focused” marketing helped us get to the next level for WHEN we release that next body of work. But yeah. Writing just to write, right now.

3. Speaking of touring and albums, which do you prefer: playing live or creating in the studio?

Hope: I personally really dislike the studio actually, haha. It stresses me out and makes me anxious, so I prefer playing live.

Greg: Man, I love both so much. I can understand how both can be stressful though but I just love creating and I love playing. It’s truly what I was born to do.

4. You mentioned on Twitter that you are back to writing. As a musician, I'm always interested in the process. How do your songs come together? Do you start with music or lyrics? Does one person come in with lyrics or a melody and say "hey let's make this a thing," or is it a more collaborative effort?

Hope: Definitely collaborative. Sometimes Greg will come up with a 60 second instrumental idea, and send it to me to see what I can write over it. Other times I’ll have an idea on acoustic guitar first, and send it to him to see what he can build. The process really varies and is different with almost every song.

Greg: It truly does vary and that's kind of why I love being in this band. I think we’ve become even more in tune with each other than ever before, and come to accept how each other writes. The different back and forth of methods keeps us on our toes and keeps ideas fresh, I think. I don’t know, I think I’ve just come to appreciate the trust that we've accumulated for each other so far. We’re always learning.

5. Finally, since I ask this of everyone I interview: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Hope: Absolutely not.

Greg: HAHA. If you eat it sideways, I guess. Also while I have this platform; fuck ketchup. Ketchup is gross.

And there you have it, friends! Many thanks to Hope and Greg for taking the time to enlighten me (and I'm glad Hope answered the last question correctly!). It's always fun to learn how sweet tunes come together and how people really lean on each other during the creative process - and it looks like there may be more coming down the line sooner than we think. Also I don't know about you, but I'm going to keep my toes crossed for a full album.

And even though I do not hate ketchup, I absolutely appreciate Greg using his platform to express his opinion. A real American hero, that guy!

If you weren't on the train before, I hope this has nudged you to get a ticket. You can follow VISTA on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Spotify, and YouTube to keep up with their shows and sweet tunes! Also, follow Hope and Greg on Twitter for even more fun things! And if you'd like me to play another tune on the show, let me know in the comments!

Until next time, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

Band photos: Holly Turner

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