Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thursday Nights on Campus - The Attic Sessions Side B

Good day, friends!

Today I have another music update for the three of you who are interested: I released another thing!

When The Attic Sessions came out in February, I did not think there would be another release. I had other songs, but I wasn't sure that I would have time to record everything before my wife gave birth. But some good fortune (and/or dumb luck) made it so I could truly finish this project. As always, huge thanks to Pat and Mark for their writing help; and to Danny Schmitz for producing. Like last time, I'll post the album here and ramble about each track. 


For years I thought this song was meant to be a parody of every sad song we had. I distinctly remember Pat and I flipping through our notebook and saying "wow we write lots of sad songs. Should we lean into that for one?" And that's how this was written. About a month ago I learned that this was supposed to be a serious song - oops. I still think we nailed it!

End to Begin

I wrote this song in 2011 about being sad that I couldn't hang out with my college friends anymore because we'd all graduated [the year before] and had to do adult stuff. It helps that it fit with the original album concept so I could still include it here. Also the guitar had to be pitched down because I can't sing as high as I could a decade ago. I actually think it's better this way, which is good because that will come up again.

Thoughts of You

This is one of our "original" songs. I actually arranged a slowed-down version that was supposed to be on the first record, but I didn't write that bridge at the end until a month ago. I recorded the first guitar take with an amp that I don't have here, so I couldn't add the bridge without redoing the entire track. Instead of taking that initiative, I paid Danny to do it and he absolutely crushed it. He also used his magical powers to match my vocal take so I didn't have to redo it, and I'm so grateful for that.


Holding Up the Roof is my favorite song we have, but this is the band's favorite song. We each wrote a verse - Mark wrote his in under a minute, it was insane - and really worked on the harmonies together. I think it is our most "complete" song as a band. That made it a bit weird to have to pitch the guitar down a step (again, I can't sing so high anymore) and sing it very differently than we had for years. But it also gave me the chance to recruit an actual singer for part of this. I did not think Arden Kurhayez [Double Identity] would say yes when I asked her to record some vocals. But she surprised me on that front and absolutely crushed it with her performance. Thank you so much, my friend! Life is a ride, indeed.


And that's that, my friends. A project that started when I was 19 has finally been completed a few weeks before I turn 33. It almost doesn't feel real. These songs have been "in the works" for so long, it's wacky that you can actually hear them. Again I want to thank Pat and Mark for helping me put this together, Danny for making it sound like I didn't make these songs in my basement, and Arden for improving our track with her actual singing. And of course: thanks to you, my friends for listening and joining me on this journey. It means the world to me.

This week's podcast is a retail story, so I hope you come back and have fun with that. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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