Saturday, June 25, 2022

Show notes - Episode 380: Life's a Beach

Morning, friends!

This week has been rough so we're just gonna jump right into it. Click the things for the stuff!

Pat plays new music from Lip Candy (4:56), then rambles on his week down the shore (10:41), and rants on public rudeness (21:00), before wrapping with some sports talk (28:23).

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Lip Candy

Many thanks to our new friends for the tune! Check them out here and don't tell them about how bad my mouthriff was!

Shore things

Thanks to Dave and Miriam for letting us use their place for the week. If any of you are in Ocean City, go to The Churn House for some sweet treats! (Also: patrons get to hear a weird thing we overheard a mom say to her kid!)

Public rudeness

We had some fun but also noticed that people just don't know or care to acknowledge anyone else around them. It was bizarre. Does this happen everywhere all the time?


Phillies were fun when I recorded, but they have not been fun this week. The Brewers did a good thing. The Warriors won their title and the Avalanche are on the way to winning theirs (and could by the time this posts). Sports!


And there we are, my friends. Thank you for joining me this week. Go check out Lip Candy and come on back next time for more stuff. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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