Wednesday, November 23, 2022

A rasslin post: Maybe I'm not Elite

Morning, friends!

I shared this on Twitter but I thought maybe I could expand on it here. Plus, I think I need to start writing more on here anyway so here we go. (This is not for everyone. I'll try to get a different thing next week. Also I'm exhausted so I hope this makes sense.)

I don't really want a debate, because I am in the minority [probably] and we won't change each other's minds. I just need to say this: Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks do nothing for me and I did not miss them while they were suspended. 

I am happy that you're all entertained by them, but I can't take any angle they're in seriously. On one of my WrestleMania podcasts, my good friend Matt Shaw brought up a point about Drew McIntyre - a lot of guys seem to play wrestler, Drew is a wrestler. Kenny and The Bucks are the opposite of this for me. Every time I see them on TV, it's like they're playing wrestlers instead of actually being them. I can't get invested in them at all. And I don't even mean to criticize their spot-fest matches. That's not my favorite style to watch, but it has a place on the card because I'm not the only guy in the audience. And the flippy stuff has taken over the industry in the last decade, so complaining about it is a moo point.

Maybe they worked differently in Japan or wherever. Or maybe I'm just not hip to their schtick or in on the joke. But everything I've seen in AEW feels like they're just goofing off with each other. I can't get into their act. It's not believable and they aren't main event guys to me. I did not like when Kenny was World Champion and The Bucks were Tag Team Champions. I do not think they elevated the titles in any way. 

And look: I'm happy that they started this promotion because it has been fun to watch. But whenever they're on TV, I'm taken right out of the segment. Their presentation screams "indie guys playing on public access" to me. I made the comment in a friend's Twitch stream that the best part of this act is Don Callis on the mic and I wholly believe that. (It was not met positively, but that's fine. Diff'rent strokes and all that.) People love this trio and I do not get it.


I realize this may just be a me thing, and that's fine. People can like who they like. But fans go nuts for these matches and I just...don't. Their sequences seem just a bit too choreographed for me. I understand that I have to suspend disbelief a bit when I watch rasslin, but there are some guys who make it really hard to do. Add to that their goofy segments and forced promos? For those reasons, I'm out. And I can see the reactions now:

"But what about these other rasslers? Do you like them?" "What do you MEAN they seem forced? They're the best! Listen to the crowd!"

But guess what, pals? I don't care. Like I said, I'm happy that people enjoy their work. I hope you pop for their wins and moments during this best-of-seven with Death Triangle. The whole aura of The Elite just screams indie dork to me and I cannot get invested in what they're presenting. And maybe that's the point of the whole deal. But if this is what "being elite" entails, count me out of the club.

I don't have a great way to wrap this, because the whole premise here is to say that I'm not a fan of an act that millions of people love. So let's double down for the "how could you?" people who may see this: The Elite are overrated and I don't care whether they're on TV or not because I can't take anything they do seriously. There. Have at me, nerds!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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