Saturday, September 2, 2023

Show notes - Episode 442: Proper Goat Scores

Morning, friends!

I knew going in that editing this show would take a while. I was correct, but also I think it came together very well. Movie scores, goats, new music, and more! Let's go!

To download the episode, click here!

After playing new music from Proper. (3:57), Pat rambles on getting it right (9:41), goats & oblivious parents (15:34), and shares our favorite movie scores (27:55). Then he gets excited for September baseball (53:35) and previews some wrestling with Things from the Ring (1:02:21).

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Thanks to our friends for the new tune! Get Potential here and preorder the EP here! (My bad for screwing up the thing!)


The kid loved the goats. Who wouldn't? If you have a chance to hang out with some goats, I recommend it. I also recommend - especially if you're around children - pay attention to those around you. You might be in the way of something important. Eyes up!

Movie scores

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on this week's question! It was a ton of work on the back end, but I think it came out great. And yes, I am well aware that a flipped the order of the last two tracks within 30 seconds of figuring it out. It's all good, though! Movies!


I say this every year: September is the time to jump into baseball if you're a casual fan. Rosters expand, everybody goes for it, and we're all getting excited for the playoffs. Let's do this!


Two premium events this weekend from the major companies, so pick one or both and have some fun with it/them. Woooo rasslin!


And that, as we say, is that! I have no idea what's on tap for next week, but I don't think I'll have to add 22 clips so we should be better off in post. So come on back and until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

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