Saturday, March 9, 2024

Show notes - Episode 469: Fancy Meal Enhancers

Morning, friends!

Today we have a new tune from dear friends, more of your bad dining tales, a patpeeve on being considerate, and more. Come on in and let's do the stuff!

New music from glimmers (3:53), fancy dinners (9:20), more bad dining tales (17:48), accommodating your people (38:41), and a Flyers Update from The Captain (55:16).

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Thanks to our friends for the tune! Get BACK TO HELL here and tell em Pat sent you! And go see them in Atlanta on April 13 - get tickets here!

Fancy dinners

I'm pretty sure I called my ribeye "prime rib" on the show, but it's fine. Look at this picture my smokin hot wife took of it anyway. If you have the cash money, I highly recommend heading down to Vernick Fish in Philadelphia. I can't afford to join you, but I can stand outside and wave to you while I eat a sandwich from a cart. Get the ribeye and the fingerling potatoes! (The potatoes aren't pictured, but they were amazing.)

Bad dining experiences, part 2

I am sorry that I missed you the first time, but we got two segments out of one question so it all worked out for everyone. I think what this round of answers boils down to is that people can be incredibly rude. That bothers me - knock it off, people!

patpeeve: Accommodate your people

Speaking of rude, please don't do what our friend's family does to him. If you know that people in your clan can't enjoy the place you're going? Pick another place. No one should have to forego eating because you want to stuff your dumb face. I enjoy a buffet, but if someone who I want to go won't partake, we're going to a different restaurant. It is not that hard to be a decent person. Take everyone to Vernick Fish for ribeye and chocolate silk pie.


Captain, I knew you could do it. You may not have worked in a food reference, but you did more research for three minutes than I did for the other 52. Let's ride this wave to the playoffs!


And that, as we say, is that! Thank you so much for joining me once again. Next week we should have a new tune from new friends, and maybe we'll have a new question. So come on back and until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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