Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Question on Snow Food

Hi, friend!

See? I told you I would update this eventually! I do have several topics "in the can" (i.e. drafts that are unfinished) that I will get to, as well as a few others. But today, since I am snowed in, I want to ponder about something I've been seeing on the news this week.

Newscasters have been ON THE STREETS interviewing random people about how they are preparing for the storm, and one of the main questions has been: "Did you get your bread and milk?"

A high number of people came out with handfuls of both, which puzzled me. Maybe it's because I don't regularly buy either, but I can't fathom why those are the "go-to" foods for a snowstorm. What can you make with just those two items?

Bread cereal? Milk sandwiches? Weak-ass french toast? I don't get it.

If french toast is the goal - which it should be, as french toast is delicious - then why aren't eggs on that must-have list? This I would understand, and even appreciate. But to have people running out to grab those two above all else (even toilet paper!) seems silly. I don't know if THE MAN perpetuated this mad dash, or if some shop owner spread the story to drum up business, but it makes little sense.

Because everyone loves french toast!

A concern in snowstorms, or any storm, is power loss. If this happens, that milk you "had to have" is useless. The bread will last if you happen to be stuck for a while, but as some smart person said forever ago: you can't live on bread without bacon (or something like that). So shouldn't we be telling people to stock up on canned goods and peanut butter to go with that bread? Or are canned goods not cool with these crazy kids?

In any case, I find it odd that at the top of the national "get this or you won't survive the storm" list is a product that can't last in a power outage (and that some people can't even have - damn their allergies!). If we're going that route, at least make it pork roll or something delicious. Buy Gatorade if you get thirsty - bonus: it tastes better!

If you can figure out why milk is number one, let me know in the comments. Or, even better, suggest better food/drink options for potential shut-ins during storms. Also feel free to suggest future topics, for this or for my podcast. High fives and shoutouts will be given!

Thanks for stopping by, my friend! I hope you are staying safe and having fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

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