Saturday, December 9, 2017

Show notes - Episode 117: Warming Your Cold by the HOTSTOVE

Hi there! I am over the weather this week, so I'll keep this short. We talked commercials, played a tune, and did other stuff! Let's get to it!

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Since I watch a bunch of TV, it was only a matter of time before I brought up a couple of commercials I've seen a bunch. I hate "ugly" sweaters on purpose, as I've discussed on the show, but the Raiders one was funny because ha-ha sports rivals. Also, to the PA Lottery folks: make a new ad please. The dubbed in "Happy Holidays" sounds like I did it, and that's not a good thing.

Two good things about being over the weather: I didn't have to record much of a show and people at work left me alone for the last two days. It was awesome. Try it sometime!

NFL Week 14: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams

  • PHI: Alshon Jeffery - all in to do the thing!
  • LAR: Cooper Kupp - he's good at catching footballs!
  • WINNER: Eagles in a close one!

Not a lot for movies, but I am pretty excited about the new game - if only to find Mr. Belding!

In theaters now:

Just Getting Started

I, Tonya

Available now for PC and Xbox One: Hello Neighbor

This week, we have a BRAND NEW sweet tune from our friends, MUCH BETTER. Their new EP, Much Cooler, is available now ($1 on bandcamp!) and we may hear from them again very soon. Yeah!

Two big deals on the HOTSTOVE this week: Shohei Otani has signed with the Angels and (reportedly) Giancarlo Stanton has signed with the Yankees between me recording and typing. One of those things is good to me, the other is obviously not. BUT this may mean more deals are on the way so yeah, baseball! (But boo Yankees!)

And that's what I have, friends. Thanks for coming to the table, and I'm sorry for your ears. Stay safe in the snow!

Crap open a cold one!

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