Saturday, July 6, 2019

Show notes - Episode 199: Pay Your Dues to Uncle Phil

Morning, friends!

We did a lot today and it got a bit messy right off the bat, so let's hop to it!

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Pat talks on-air slaps (3:53) and adventures in renting (5:44), rants on porta potties (11:45), and dives in to our favorite TV dads (16:03). Plus the latest tune from Double Identity (32:57), a Phillies update (40:26), a fireworks snafu (43:17), and Vito stops by with some Superwins (48:42)!


Booty slappin'

I'm sure I've talked about this before, but longtime fans can forgive me I'm sure. I don't know why my hand hitting my leg prompted me to talk about ass slaps, but there ya go. Try it next time you're in front of a microphone!

Rent collection

As much of a hassle it was to get this rent to my property manager, it is still an upgrade to our previous arrangement. Fingers and toes crossed she's not mad when she gets here today!

Porta potty patpeeve

Thanks to Tom for sending this one along: porta potties are absolutely gross. You should avoid using them at all costs. Find a bush!

Favorite TV dads

Thanks for jumping in on TV dads, everyone! I had a lot of fun with these last two questions and I'm glad I was able to get some fun picks from youse guyses. As promised, here is that Will Smith interview about the famous Fresh Prince scene:


A thousand thanks to our new friends, Double Identity for their song: Everything Reminds Me of You! I love the cowbell, the sweet guitar riffs, and just how *coin* catchy it is. Check them out on all of the places and get more of their sweet tunes! Woooo!

Phillies/not quite post-game fireworks

I know the Phillies beat the Mets last night, but my points still stand: they need some pitching and the offense needs to get it together. Maybe someone could interrupt a rally by shooting off some fireworks at a big moment? Who out there has nothing to lose? Let's do this!


Thanks to Vito for dropping in again! I forgot to mention this, but he recorded that in his office while his boss stood outside with a glass pressed against the door. I can't pay you, so I hope your boss likes podcasts!

Next week

Episode 200! You still have time to send performance reviews, and Ben Beck will join the show to give me his - plus I have an interesting "question" lined up that I got from a loyal listener, so come back here on Monday for that! Wooooo!

That's that, friends! Thanks for coming to the table as always, and until next time don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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