Saturday, June 6, 2020

Show notes - Episode 247: Don't Hang Up on Kirk

Morning, friends!

I tossed in some REAL TALK this week to go with ramblings on Uber, sports maybe possibly returning, and new music from Double Identity. It was a lot, so here we go!

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Pat rambles on corrected tweets (2:26), the news (9:12), a new Uber service (22:38), and plans to bring back sports (26:26), before a chat with Double Identity (34:31) and their new single (1:20:21)! 

Trump vs. Twitter

That he jumped to action a day after Twitter fact-checked his voter fraud nonsense but waited months to develop a response to a global pandemic says all you need to know about him - and by extension, the people who still support him. He still hasn't answered whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich either.

Black Lives Matter

Just a heads up: some of what I said might trigger some people due to the sensitive nature of the latest incident, and for that I apologize. If you get mad and yell "ALL LIVES MATTER" though? You're a dope - sorry not sorry.

Uber Chauffeur

I'm not sure I got the price right here, or if this is even a brand new service, but I was in a bit of a weird place mentally while I talked about it. The bottom line is: I would like more of my premium fare to go to the drivers instead of the corporate fat cats.


I know these are all just plans and we shouldn't get excited, but the fact that leagues are actually talking to their players and trying to get back to work is encouraging. Will it happen? I have no idea, but it would be great if we could see some live sports this summer.

Double Identity

Thanks to Arden and Courtney for joining me! I never expect these chats to go very long, but sometimes we just keep having fun and doing the thing. This was one of the most fun conversations I've had on the show and I'm glad we were able to overcome technical nonsense (i.e. Arden hanging up twice) so you can hear it. Go stream Your Anything here, then buy the song from their website. Woooo!


And that's that, friends! I hope you are staying healthy and safe as more states reopen. Please continue to follow the rules from the smart doctor people - we're not done with the pandemic yet! Also if you're attending a protest, be careful and try not to trip over your own feet. I don't know what I'll have on the "birthday edition" next week, but I hope you come back for the stuff!

Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

(Figured I should post the comic I referenced re: Black Lives Matter - per

Crap open a cold one!

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