Saturday, June 13, 2020

Show notes - Episode 248: Rage Against Your Fake Commander

Morning, friends!

This week I went short, but I think I packed enough in here for you. Let's get to the thing!

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Pat rambles on NASCAR (3:40), favorite fictional presidents (8:10), Degrassi games (12:33), a new Elmer Fudd (14:46), Rage Against the Machine (17:05), and the greatest tagline ever (20:15).


I never thought I would talk about NASCAR on this show. I neither watch nor follow the sport, but when they come out and make racists mad by doing the right thing? That gives you top billing.

Fictional presidents

I'm a little bummed that my man, Tom Kirkman got no love, but there were some great picks in here. And if I may be so blunt: literally any of them would be a tremendous upgrade in real life right now.

Degrassi game

Again, thanks to everyone who joined our game of Gay, Pregnant, On Drugs, or None of the Above last week. I am very happy that it all worked and I look forward to hosting another game at some point. Toss me some suggestions, friends!

Elmer Fudd

I can't decide who made me laugh more: dumb racists being mad about a piece of cloth or dumb gun nuts being mad about a cartoon. I'm willing to bet that this Venn Diagram is close to a circle, so let's call it a push. (That is a real screenshot from a new Looney Tunes short called Dynamite Dance.)

Rage Against the Machine

I'm really not sure why people are a) just discovering this band's politics and b) super shocked by it. What did you think they were all about, bud?

The Greatest Wrestling Match

This is the real poster to hype the match between Randy Orton and Edge tomorrow. I think this says all I need.

And that's that, pals! Thanks so much for joining me! I hope you are staying safe and not being dumb. Wear a mask and wash your hands! Until next time, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

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