Saturday, December 26, 2020

Show notes - Episode 302: Reaching for the Good

Morning, friends!

I hope you are well on this Boxing Day and that your appliances are all in working order.

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Pat rambles on appliance woes (3:36), good things from his 2020 (17:06), and shares his conversation with Greg Hill (28:52). Plus a tune from Greg’s new EP (44:41), Titans and Packers for NFL Week 15 (49:38), and more!


Appliance woes

No power, it's cold in here, I can't dry clothes - doin great! Who knows how to replace a dryer timer switch and/or safely heat a small room in a house with old wiring?

Get to the good stuff

For as wacky as this year was, I did a lot of cool stuff. Working from home, discovering Twitch, learning I'll be a dad, a bunch of great interviews (more on that next week), and more. For all of the bad that's gone on in 2020, I wanted to share some positive vibes to close out the year.

Greg Hill

Many thanks to our new pal, Greg Hill, for joining the show! Get Better Love here, and check him out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linktree! Special thanks to 25/8 Public Relations for the connection!

NFL Week 16: Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers

Have I paid enough attention to properly preview this game? Not a bit. But it was one of the maybe two good matchups on the slate this week so I went with it. The Titans don't have a great defense, but they have Derrick Henry. The Packers have a quarterback who is pretty good. This Sunday night game should be fun!


And that's that, friends - we did it! I hope you celebrate the end of this *coin* year safely so you can come out ready for 2021. I will have an end-of-year piece on the website next Thursday to highlight all of the wonderful people I talked to this year. Also: join me on Twitch on Wednesday afternoon to help me make a song in Soundtrap!

Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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