Saturday, February 5, 2022

Show notes - Episode 360: Bad Streams, Tips, and Team Names

Morning, friends!

Today we played music from new friends, rambled on maybe serious stuff, and talked about trashy TV for a minute. Let's do it!

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Pat rambles on people canceling Spotify (4:07) and bad tippers (12:41), before playing music from Not My Weekend (22:24) and previewing Super Bowl 56 (26:40).


Trash TV

I can't stop watching Judge Steve Harvey, even though I know it is awful. Why am I like this? Is this how Jersey Shore got 25 seasons?


Look, I can't tell you what to do. If you want to drop Spotify because of Joe Rogan, that's your right. I am not going to cost my friends their streams just because a moron has a show on there, though. It just doesn't seem like the right move for me.

AITA - tipping

No, sir or madam, you are definitely not the a-hole here. This dude sucks and no one should act like this in real life. Learn how to tip waitstaff or stop going out to eat.

Not My Weekend

Thanks so much to our new friends, Not My Weekend, for the tune! Find more from them here and tell them Pat from the Internet says hello!

Super Bowl: Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams

Another home team playing in the Super Bowl because of course. If nothing else, this game should be very good. If it isn't, then why are we here? Anyway, get your snacks and place your bets. Big day ahead for Jeff Blake and the CIN defense!

The Washington Commanders

I don't hate this team name. But honestly I thought Washington Football Team was solid and should have stayed. I will say that I do not like the uniforms at all, though. People got paid lots of money to design them. Poor form.


And that's that, friends! We made it! Thank you for being here as always. The next two weeks we should have guests on the show, so get ready for more fun from more people. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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