Saturday, December 10, 2022

Show notes - Episode 404: Shame Not Found

Morning, friends!

I am under the weather today because the little dude went to daycare once and brought us fresh germs. So you get a bonus episode this week - let's go!

Pat shares three Patreon exclusive segments in this bonus episode: a Mother's Day tale (5:02), a summer vacation story (14:10), and some terrible Twitter advice (18:56) before The Captain drops in for a Flyers Update (25:58).

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To download the episode, click here!


I recorded these on three different platforms (OBS, Riverside, Soundtrap with effects) so the audio sounds very different. One day I'll figure out the best way to do this. Until then, enjoy some bonus segments. You can subscribe to the Patreon (for as little as $1 a month!) by clicking here.

Lost in a Name - Heavy Holiday Hoedown

Full disclosure: Danny Schmitz was supposed to join me this week to talk about the band's new single and promote their upcoming holiday bash. But plans changed and that's okay. Go here to get tickets for the event, and stream Villain's Heart everywhere now!

And that is that. I hope to have a guest soon, health permitting. And my holiday show is dropping on December 23. What am I doing this year? I have no idea. So we should be having some fun! Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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