Saturday, January 14, 2023

Show notes - Episode 409: Traditionally Exhausted

Morning, friends!

It has been quite a time at the compound, but we powered through with kind of a big episode (I swear I thought I'd go 20 minutes and be out). Let's do this!

After a follow-up from last week, Pat rambles on more repairs (4:37), delivery drivers (9:04), show cancellations (19:56), WWE possibly being sold (32:02), buying food as an adult (42:13), and more.

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I never studied the German language. Hell, I have enough trouble with the English language. So if I butchered that phrase, I am sorry. If you speak a different language, let me know how to say "Crap open a cold one" in your native tongue and I'll try to say it on the show. Submit via SpeakPipe!

More repairs

We're almost operational down here. I haven't ordered the heater yet, but we're at least closer to being warm. It is nice to have the gate back up out front. And it will be nice to have both fences more secure whenever that happens.

Delivery drivers

It was a nice surprise to see a good friend of the show (identity withheld). It was then not a nice surprise to see our Uber Eats driver poking around the alley trying to find our door. What a moron.

Canceling shows

I almost cut this from the show to add it to the newsletter. But then I got halfway through editing before I remembered I told myself that. I hate that shows are getting axed before we get to see them. It seems silly to cut a show after the work has been completed. Knock it off, big wigs!

WWE for sale?

Saudi Arabia has not bought WWE yet. In fact, I just saw that Tony and Shad Khan (who own AEW) have dipped their toes into the market. This could be fun!

Buying treats

Ice cream cake, Yoohoo, lunchables - what are some sweet treats you enjoy?


NFL playoffs, Carlos Correa finally signed, other things happened. Go, your favorite teams!


And that's that, friends! Somehow we made it. Come on back next time for more fun and enjoy the playoffs. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do! 

Crap open a cold one!

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