Saturday, February 11, 2023

Show notes - Episode 413: All Peeves Great and Small

Morning, friends!

Ol Pat was peeved about many things today so at least there is a bit of a common thread with this episode. Plus we played a new song from old friends. Let's go!

Pat plays music from Beesly (6:23), shares which albums we'd hear live (10:48), then rants on paternity leave policies (23:45), TV remote apps (34:01), and tired sports talking points (41:14), before getting a Flyers Update from The Captain (48:28).

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Thanks to our old friends for the tune! Get In My Car here and everyone's here where you get music!

Live album performances

I'm sure I missed a few of you and for that I am sorry. But many thanks to you who answered. I hope at some point you are able to make your dreams come true on this front.

Paternity leave

It is utterly ridiculous that the US does not have a federal policy for parents to care for their kids. I could have gone deeper and taken aim at the lack of childcare, but I only have so much time to put this together. We suck as a nation in this regard, is what I'm saying.

TV remote apps

Okay I need to know: Should I give in and pay $10 for unfettered access to this remote app? Has anyone bought this app and used it successfully?

Tired points

The Eagles are in the Super Bowl. Shut up about Santa Claus, and stop calling it a "Philly cheesesteak." Please think of new talking points for Philadelphia teams.


I knew The Captain would talk about the letter and I knew he would dump on Chuck Fletcher. Well done, sir. I also enjoyed the praise for the All-Star Game festivities - a nice touch.


And that's that, friends! We were mad about lots of things today, but I'm sure I'll be fine. We're watching the Super Bowl at a friend's house and I'm making taco salad so it should be wonderful. Have fun with your snacks! Until next time, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

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