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Dessert Menu - February 2023: The Google Hustle (edited)

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Hello, friends! Happy February March to you! My new role at work keeps me from doing a lot of fun stuff. Boo, you whore. But here we go with another thing! Contact me here or on Linktree to make a special request.


Side hustles

I touched on this last month, but I'd like to go deeper. The idea that people feel like they have to work two and three jobs just to stay afloat is insane. If you work 37.5-40 hours a week at one job (that's considered full-time employment), you should make enough money to live. The fact that many can't doesn't mean they should be praised for "the grind." Your employer(s) should be paying you a living wage. Full stop. Too many weirdos embraced this turn-your-hobby-into-a-job mindset that I'm sure employers have noticed and continued not paying better wages. And if you're willing to work multiple jobs instead of trying to squeeze money out of your rich bitch of a boss, why should they adjust anything?

"Just Google it" 

I'm sure I've talked about this on the show before, but holy shit this idea is maddening. Whenever anyone asks a question on 'the net,' there will for sure be a guy in the comments saying "you can just Google it yourself." That's great, buddy. Don't you think I've tried that? I'm looking to connect with people who have experience in my area of ignorance - people who [I hope] know how to provide me with the information in a way I can understand. With the access to information we have, someone I know will likely be able to answer my query in a much better fashion than some random site in a search engine. And besides: Google is so overrun with ads and sponsored posts, you're better off asking your Internet pals for help anyway. If you don't have an answer to someone's question, keep on scrolling.

Podcast Tip: At least edit a little bit 

I don't mean to be rude here, but I have a request of my fellow podcast people: Please edit out your coughs and long breaks of silence. I can't tell you how many times I've turned off a show because someone was clearing their throat every 12 seconds. Or that I had to stop working to check my player because I thought something was wrong. I get that you want a sense of "we're just chatting here" for you show, and that's fine. But take an extra 10 minutes or so to clean up your audio a bit. If you don't want to do that, send it to me with $10 and I'll handle your business for you. Record a day ahead so someone - you, me, or a real engineer - has time to do this. In 2023, there isn't really an excuse for poor audio quality.

The Internet and real life

If you're online a lot like I am, you may fall into the trap of a troll - it happens to the best of us. But before you really jump into a debate with Chad-bunch-of-numbers, remember that their goal is your long-winded response. You getting frustrated is the point. For the most part, your ire is directed at someone bored on their lunch break looking to rile someone - they're words on a screen. That's not to say that everyone engaging in bullshit discussions isn't a real person, because that happens too. But trolls are aplenty online and it's really in your best interest to both avoid their bait and not bring what's happening in your phone into the real world. No one is better for that. (But also? Real people can be stupid and vile online. Just be mindful of who is on the other side of the thread.)


The Ones You Forgot - Enjoy the Ride

I've "known" this band for a long time and they seem to get better with each tune. They will be playing during the second intermission of a New Jersey Devils game on April 11, so tell them you know me if you go. I should really have them on the show, right? They're great.

Beesly - In My Car

The last time I played this band before February 11 was January 19, 2019 as part of Episode 175. That's a combination of me not seeing their new releases and/or them not putting anything out. Either way, their latest album is really good and you should go listen to it

Well damn, we only had two songs on the show this month. That is disappointing. But we did have a wonderful chat so I will highlight that here.

patchat - Roye Robley

Many thanks to our dear friends, Double Identity, for the connection here. Roye is their producer and it turns out he is also wonderful. We talked classical training, what his job actually entails, "girl rock," and much more. Click the thing up there to listen!

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Crap open a cold one!

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