Monday, November 20, 2023

Podcast Tip: The Levelator

Hey, friends!

This won't be for everyone, but I've seen enough people online ask for it to put it out there. Use this for your podcast and/or share it with your friend of a friend who has a show.

For the first bunch of episodes I had no idea how to make my audio sound uniform. I would literally go through and amplify my track manually, trying to make it even. It took all day and I don't think it even sounded good.

Yes, it sounds like a sick rasslin move. And in a way, it's like a finisher for people who work with audio files. Or it should be, anyway. This free software is like a compressor, amplifier, and normalizer rolled into one. Whether you fly solo like me or have one or more guests, run your next episode through this bad boy. It will save you time and your listeners the issue of hearing an uneven track. Everyone wins!

And if you know anyone who hosts a show that has uneven audio? Send them this program. Tell them to use it on everyone's individual tracks. (The reason for that: The software is trying to find a common spot to even out the audio. If everyone's is different, you'll still be uneven if you run the combined track.)

Or, send them my contact info. I will even out anyone's raw podcast audio for a small fee.


So there we go. Just a quick lesson in audio editing for you today. I have heard way too many podcasts engineered by "professionals" that have levels all over the place that I felt compelled to share this. Pass it along to your friends and all of our ears will thank us. Well, they'll thank me I guess. This week's show will be out on Thursday - do not adjust your apps. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

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