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Because people have asked, here is the spot for just the musician interviews I've done on the podcast. I never thought this would be the case, but I love chatting with people. Also, I'll keep the comments open [for now]: let me know if you'd like me to have a guest return, or if you want me to have someone new on the show. Enjoy!

Kim Jong Ill - Episode 6 (10/25/15)

My first band interview. My regret here is that I was using some old equipment so the sound is not great. This was a really fun conversation though and I wish I would have made this the whole episode to feature them a bit more.

MC Blackwolf (Episode 55 - 10​/​2​/​16)

Alvaro returned with a different project because I think he wants to appear on my show more than any other guest. How many more appearances does he need to cement that?

Charlie Saxton (Episode 100 - 8​/​12​/​17)

I don't know how I pulled this off, but Charlie Saxton (and his dad!) sat in my living room and recorded this wonderful chat for my 100th episode. Fun fact: I didn't know his dad was coming until 15 minutes prior, so it was really fun to scramble and find a way to get his mic set up. I think I did well with it, all things considered!

Danny Schmitz - Lost in a Name (Episode 102 - 8​/​26​/​17)

Danny's first appearance of so many more on the show (but I think this is the only time I actually invited him). I love that we've legitimately become buddies because of this show.

Timmy Rasmussen - 7 Minutes in Heaven (Episode - 106 9​/​23​/​17)

This was the first time I had worked with a PR rep/manager when dealing with a musician. I don't know what that has to do with the chat, but it's a fun fact (right?). I loved having Timmy and it was even more wonderful to meet them a few years later when they were playing with Point North. I would love to have them back for another round.

Derrick T. Lewis (Episode 124 - 1​/​27​/​18)

I "met" Derrick through Ben, the head of the network. I expected this to be 20 or so minutes of my standard questions. Then I learned we're both rasslin fans so we spent probably half of the chat talking about the Royal Rumble. What a great time.

Luke Mathers - Unquiet Nights (Episode 128 - 2​/​24​/​18)

My first international guest! I knew of Luke's band from my Party934 days, so it was pretty wild that we were able to connect and do the thing.

Danny Schmitz, part 2 (Episode 147 - 7​/​7​/​18)

Danny Schmitz invited himself to the show because he had a new song to promote. What a guy! (FYI: This chat got a bit heavy.)

Mascots (Episode 174 - 1​/​12​/​19)

Three members of Mascots called me from their car before going to practice. It's wild to me that people will [seemingly] make themselves uncomfortable to be on my show, but I'm grateful they did. This band is wonderful and I should probably have them back soon.

Wormtooth (Episode 180 - 2​/​23​/​19)

Alvaro returned for his third appearance with as many projects. If I remember correctly, we agreed to record at 3PM. The thing didn't happen until at least 6PM. I thought musicians were supposed to be good with timing...

shallow pools (Episode 182 - 3​/​9​/​19)

This is one of the most fun conversations I've ever had on the show. I don't know why this one seemed to flow better than even my regular show, but I loved having shallow pools do the thing. They've added a new member since this dropped and we haven't talked about The O.C. yet so it's high time for a part two!

Left of Love (Episode 188 - 4​/​20​/​19)

We recorded this the week before I moved out of my apartment. I don't think that had any impact on the chat, but it's worth mentioning. It also really helped that the guys appreciated my super South Boston accent.

Elesa Marmo (Episode 218 - 11​/​16​/​19)

Elesa is so wonderful and for some reason I was utterly horrified throughout this chat. I'm not sure why it bothers me because it was a great time, but I think I need a do-over on this one.

Charlie Saxton, part 2 (Episode 240 - 4​/​18​/​20)

It took eight years to get Charlie on my show the first time, so imagine my surprise when he was able to join me so soon. I hope I haven't used up all of his appearances though, because I think we're due for a full MUCH BETTER episode.

Greg Almeida - VISTA, Here's to You, secret gardens (Episode 243 - 5​/​9​/​20)

When I have musicians on, I generally ask them a few questions and we're done in about 20 minutes. Greg and I went for an hour and I don't even know that I asked him everything I'd planned. What a ride.

Josh Allen - A Story Told (Episode 245 - 5​/​23​/​20)

This almost didn't happen. We were communicating via Twitter to schedule and said "okay be ready at this time." It so happened that Twitter was down at the time so we were both saying "we're ready" but neither could see that. I'm really glad we worked it out because this was a fun time.

Double Identity (Episode 247 - 6​/​6​/​20)

If possible, I like to have my guests record their own audio. Editing takes longer, but it means I get a clean feed for both sides of the chat - which makes it better for listening. I almost didn't get their audio because technology was not cooperating, but I'm happy we worked it out because I love this chat.

Headspace (Episode 253 - 7​/​18​/​20)

I made this chat the full episode that week because we went for 45 minutes and had a blast (even though Thad was dropping in and out every few minutes - damn his creative process).

Paul McCoy - 12 Stones (Episode 256 - 8​/​8​/​20)

Every time I think about this, I still can't believe it happened. I have been a fan of 12 Stones for two decades and never did I think I would be able to sit down with their lead singer. Paul was tremendous and I really hope to have him back on the show at some point.

The Wild & Free (Episode 259 - 8​/​29​/​20)

This I think was the first time a band reached out to me about coming on the show. I dug their tunes so of course we did the thing. I wasn't sure how it would sound (no headphones = doublespeak from me), but it came out really well. I'm happy about that because this band is so much fun.

Greg Hill (Episode 302 - 12​/​26​/​20)

This was my first time working with 25/8 PR. I was also in the middle of building my new desk so the studio was in disarray during this chat. But then we started talking about GTA and Pokémon so it worked out well.

NO SHADE (Episode 303 - 1​/​2​/​21)

Our signals got crossed so this happened a day later than I thought, but my second 25/8 PR client did not disappoint. I never know how much the guest will share about personal happenings, but NO SHADE did not hold back and it made for a great chat.

Velvet Skyline (Episode 308 - 2​/​6​/​21)

My third (and hopefully not final) 25/8 PR clients - this was a fun one. I wasn't sure how it would work with five audio tracks to line up, but everything went smoothly. I wish I could share the picture of Nate's mad scientist notebook here somehow.

Wormtooth & Hallucinogenic Bulb (Episode 315 - 3​/​15​/​21)

Alvaro returned to the show with another collaborator to discuss a wonderful album that may not even exist. What a shame, because we had fun with this chat.

Headspace, part 2 (Episode 316 - 4​/​3​/​21)

We were so close to having the full band on this time, but at least no one dropped off the call. I love this band and I can't wait until they return at full force so we can have even more fun.

Ruby Bones (Episode 320 - 5​/​1​/​21)

This might be the longest interview I've ever done, which was great because I had a month to edit it. Lenny Kravitz, The Strokes, songwriting, Mario Kart - we went all over the map with this one and I loved every bit of it.

Thursday Nights on Campus - Side A (Episode 329 - 7​/​3​/​21)

The full chat file was too big for one track, so I split it up into two parts. This one covers the first EP.

Thursday Nights on Campus - Side B (Episode 329 - 7​/​3​/​21)

The full chat file was too big for one track, so I split it up into two parts. This one covers the second EP.

Headspace, part 3 (Episode 334 - 8​/​7​/​21)

Derek from Headspace joined me to ramble all about the band's new EP, Find Me Where the Light Ends.

Marcos Mena - standards (Episode 340, 9​/​18​/​21)

We recorded this chat in July 2020. Marcos and I each recorded our own audio, and I did not even think to have a backup going (because why would his mic stop recording?). Welp, his mic stopped after seven minutes or so and this is all I have left of the conversation. We did try to get together again, but the timing was never right. Maybe someday we'll redo it, but you get a little taste of us with this until then.

Luke Mathers, Director's Cut (Episode 345, 10​/​23​/​21)

When I interviewed Luke Mathers in 2018, we didn't collect any coins. This snippet was recorded after that chat in an effort to get Luke to swear. Did we do it?

RAVIVE (Episode 350, 11​/​25​/​21)

I wanted to have Hope on the show for years, so I'm very happy we did this and I'm grateful that she made time for me. I loved this conversation, even though I think we touched on everything except the song she came on to promote.

Michael Scarabino - QU​!​ET (Episode 361, 2​/​12​/​22)

Michael Scarabino from QU!ET joined me to talk about the band's new single, the greatness of Jennifer Aniston, giving back, and more. (Don't tell him I've forgotten which movie I'm supposed to watch and have him back on the show to discuss.)

Greg Hill, part 2 (Episode 366, 3​/​19​/​22

Greg Hill returned to talk viral videos, future plans, making his dad famous, and more.

Double Identity, part 2 (Episode 374, 5​/​14​/​22)

Double Identity returned and I think we only spent 12 minutes talking about their new music.

Your Favorite Summer (Episode 383, 7​/​16​/​22)

The Stepdads of Pop Punk joined the show to talk Boston and Philly sports, parenting, songwriting, and more.

Elesa Marmo, part 2 (Episode 385, 7​/​30​/​22)

Elesa Marmo returned and we had a much better time. A new songwriting approach, working with dogs, reality TV, and more.

Wormtooth, part 3 (Episode 389, 8​/​27​/​22)

Wormtooth returned for a third time to promote his new record. We went all over the map, as we often do.

David Michael Frank (Episode 391, 9​/​10​/​22)

David Michael Frank joined me to promote his new single, and to chat about how short-form video content has changed the marketing game. David appears courtesy of 25/8 PR.

Perenna (Episode 395, 10​/​8​/​22)

I sat down with Perenna (dood) to chat about fresh cuts, report cards, types of pasta, and more. The bonus question and an extra segment are at the end, so

Too Close For Comfort (Episode 396, 10​/​15​/​22)

Pat chats with Too Close For Comfort on changing time, calling in professionals, Elon Musk, and more.

Trey Miller - Cherie Amour (Episode 401, 11​/​19​/​22)

Trey Miller from Cherie Amour joined me to talk songwriting, baseball, letting your friends down, and much more.

Phry McDunstan (Episode 407, 12/31/22)

My first guest from Germany was a great one. Phry joined me to chat about musical inspirations, outsourcing, handling social media comments, and more. He also [a few weeks later] recorded himself working out how to say "crap open a cold one" in German. That was so cool. What a great dude.

Roye Robley (Episode 415, 2/25/23)

Music producer, Roye Robley, joined the show to chat about classical training, what a producer actually does, working remotely vs in person with artists, "girl rock," and much more.

Peter Hunt Szpytek - Peter Hunt & The Great Outdoors (Episode 418, 3/18/23)

Pat welcomes Peter Hunt Szpytek for a chat about Kelly Clarkson, simple guitar hooks, singing in the car, and much more before we hear music from Peter's new album: Years Gone By.

thaddeus (Episode 419, 3/25/23)

Pat welcomes thaddeus back to the show to chat about being a solo artist, not sticking to genres, dadhood, and much more before playing his debut single, Leave Me Lonely.

Double Identity, part 3 (Episode 422, 4/15/23)

Double Identity returns to chat with Pat about Disney music, geography, delusional group chats, and much more before the premiere of their new song.

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