Saturday, November 17, 2018

Show notes - Episode 166: Keep on Busting

Hello, friends!

This show was tough, but we made it somehow. We also played a sweet tune and talked some rasslin, so let's get to it! (Full disclosure: the first 30 minutes of the show are quite heavy.)

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Pat remembers Buster (4:21), rambles on retail therapy (31:01), rants on rudeness (36:38) and shares what's new in entertainment (40:57). Plus a tune from Almost Awake (43:49), NFL Week 11 (48:54), and this weekend's rasslin (51:41)!

If you skipped the first half of the show, I do not blame you one bit - it may be best to scroll a bit further. I did my best to keep it concise, but we had Buster for six years so I miss him a whole bunch. I hate that he isn't sitting right here, breathing on me because he needs to pee. I hate that he can't greet me at the steps when I come home from work, or be excited that I'm awake and jump on the bed to give me kisses (aka "I have to go out now, get off your ass"). Farewell, my good boy. I hope Marge and Bear and Homer are treating you well now. I love you so much, Buster.

Okay! I feel really bad that the sweet tune from Almost Awake had to come on this episode. But when I make a commitment, I do my best to keep it. Thanks, new pals! Go get Cloudwalker, friends! Yeah!

I have to say also: I really enjoyed being able to just wander the mall and buy stuff for myself. I never really thought about "retail therapy" before, but now I can highly recommend it. I would like to take a minute right quick to reiterate how important it is for people to be decent to each other. Don't be a jerk about trading in your old stuff (it will probably sit in that store for months). And, this is semi-related: don't take up a seat on the train with your crap! Be considerate, you *coin*!

Well that was helpful. So that's what I have for you this week - enjoy the rasslin and the foosball! Whatever you are getting into, enjoy yourself and don't be dumb. Remember: our next episode will be released on Thursday, so keep your ears peeled! Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

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