Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Better Drivers: City Bus or Taxi?

Hey, friend!

Today I want to bring you a quick post FROM THE ARCHIVE. Could I spend this time sleeping or writing new material? Sure! But this is a topic I thought about recently and wanted to present it again for new readers. I am a man of the people, after all. So enjoy the quick trip and I'll return soon to talk wedding stuff!
Something I was thinking about on my way home from work earlier: I take the bus, and have a firm belief that these drivers are among the best in dealing with and adapting to their surroundings and situations (even though the surroundings are often the same).

I was having a conversation with a fellow regular about this who used to live in New York. He said while the bus drivers there - and here in the Philadelphia area - are very good at adapting, they don't hold a candle to cab drivers in that department.

I have taken a taxi a few times (certainly less often than the bus) and almost agree. Right now though, I'm going with bus drivers, mainly because I've never been worried about getting into an accident while riding the bus.

I get that cab drivers need to know more of their areas, but bus drivers handle bigger vehicles with way more passengers at a time. Both deal in high-pressure environments, but the wildcard factor of many passengers at once - and some crazy characters to boot - keeps the scale tipped to bus drivers.
What do you think, friend? Is this a fair comparison to make? Should I stop talking to random people 
on the bus? Does anyone even use taxis or buses?

I may turn this into a topic for the show if I get some good feedback. I will definitely give you a shoutout, so let me have it!


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