Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hey, Remember When I Died?

Evening, friends!

Quick word vomit for you this time - a throwback Thursday to die for (I'm so sorry)!

A little context: Father Judge high school holds a memorial mass each November to honor those alumni who have died in the last year. They send letters to the families, inviting them to take part and "come together" as a community.

With that in mind, imagine my mom's surprise - and horror - when she opened the envelope to find this:

That's right: my high school somehow learned or decided that I was dead and figured to let my family know the easy way. Wasn't that nice of them?

The best way I could think to process this was to have my mom call our college talk radio show, Something Provocative, to talk about it. You can listen to us break it down (DX) here. Enjoy!

*Note: They did eventually correct this error and now send mail asking for money.*

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