Saturday, January 20, 2018

Show notes - Episode 123: Let's Get Together and Speed to Some Holidays

Hi, friends! Today's post will be a bit longer than usual, because we're going to include the full Hall of Fame ballot - along with all of the other stuff we did. Let's do it!

Click here to download the episode!

I'm always glad to learn things, youse guyses. During recording, I learned that I do in fact know a guy who knows a guy who has a nut allergy. Good luck with that! And steer clear of my desk!

The question this week about your holidays brought some wonderful results, and I hope to get the ideas to the right people who can do the stuff! Can we make the no electronics rule apply to other occasions?

NFL Conference Championships

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles

A pair of new movies to go see this week, plus a few things you can buy from your couch! Woo stuff!

The Midnight Man

Mom and Dad

Now on DVD: Blade Runner 2049

New on Nintendo 3DS: Kirby's Battle Royale

As for what's on my stream: Boy Meets World (Jack and Angela arrived!), Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (learning stuff!), and I'm gonna start The Wire [again] fairly soon!

Our tune this week comes from fellow dudes from Philadelphia, SPiN. I know it's not current, but I'm all about making things relevant to me. Check out all of their tunes on Bandcamp! Thanks, dudes!

Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot: 75% needed for election, 5% needed to stay on the ballot. It comes out on 1/24, and my picks are in bold (percentage of votes last year).

- Trevor Hoffman (3rd, 74%)
- Vladimir Guerrero (2nd, 71.7%)
- Edgar Martinez (9th, 58.6%)
- Roger Clemens (6th, 54.1%)
- Barry Bonds (6th, 53.8%)
- Mike Mussina (5th, 51.8%)
- Curt Schilling (6th, 45%)
- Manny Ramirez (2nd, 23.8%)
- Larry Walker (8th, 21.9%)
- Fred McGriff (9th, 21.7%)
- Jeff Kent (5th, 16.7%)
- Gary Sheffield (4th, 13.3%)
- Billy Wagner (3rd, 10.2%)
- Sammy Sosa (6th, 8.6%)

- Chipper Jones
- Jim Thome
- Scott Rolen
- Andruw Jones
- Johan Santana
- Johnny Damon
- Carlos Zambrano
- Jamie Moyer
- Omar Vizquel
- Chris Carpenter
- Livan Hernandez
- Orlando Hudson
- Kevin Millwood
- Kerry Wood
- Carlos Lee
- Aubrey Huff
- Hideki Matsui
- Jason Isringhausen
- Brad Lidge

Finally this week, a pair of feel-good stories:

The Koreas are uniting for the Olympics, and Andrew W.K. was ready to step up for a speeding ticket. What a time to be alive!

And that's that! Thanks for joining me, and get excited for next week's Royal Rumble preview! Woooo!

Crap open a cold one!

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