Monday, July 16, 2018

Question of the Week: 7/21/18

Hi, friends!

This week's question is inspired by a conversation I had with my brother last week. I know people on both sides of this issue, so let's see how much fun we can have with it. Leave your answers in the comments and do the thing - deadline is 6PM on Thursday, July 19!

How do you feel about hanging out with your colleagues outside of work?


  1. I am genuine friends with a couple coworkers, some are just work friends. I have a small select few that I will hang out with outside of work.

  2. I've been to a Phillies game with a co-worker this one time....

  3. All my friends in town are work colleagues.

    But there are other work colleagues whom it would be "hellish" to spend time with outside of work.

    So, like anything, it all depends.

  4. Only hung out with co-workers after work when we weren't co-workers anymore. Only former co-workers I stayed in contact with were from when I was an intern. Never made it a rule, just never met anyone I wanted to hang out with until then.