Saturday, January 19, 2019

Show notes - Episode 175: Collect Your Coins to Get Some Coffee

Hey, friends!

Today I come to you with what I'll call "the calm before the storm." I have guests coming to record an episode of this very show, and it should be a wonderful adventure. The notes will be a tad different because time, but let's get to em!

Click here to download the episode!

Pat reads some late feedback (2:17), worries about the news (3:51), talks secret TV favorites (17:41), and rants on TV cups (25:08). Plus what's new in entertainment (29:11), a tune from Beesly (34:29), NFL playoffs (39:12), and more!


Yelling about the news
- The president being a moron has already cost lots of people some money, and I could be next. At least he paid for burgers!

- I have some unopened Gillette stuff if anyone wants to flush it because he's being a baby over a commercial. Let me know!

Our TV secrets
- I love The OC and I'm not ashamed to let you know it - though I now realize I forgot to mention some great stuff, like the music and the wonderful establishing shots of the town. It's all great! Random dancing probably wouldn't fit there, but at least we'll always have iCarly!

Empty coffee cups
- I realize that there is a practical reason for not having actors carry full cups on set, but can't they at least sell the fact that they have liquid in them? Why do we pay you again?

Eighth Grade & the Napoleon Dynamite cartoon
- Both of these were wonderful in their own ways, and you should watch them when you cross off the other 19 things on your streaming list this week. Gucci!

Beesly - I Think I Need a Shrink
- This song is wonderful and you should go get the album to support our pals! Thanks for the go-ahead, dudes! (Also one of the band members said he'd be listening this week, so that's terrifying - sorry for my weird air guitar sounds.)

The NFL playoffs 
- They will probably be a lot less messy than I sounded, so it should be a fun foosball weekend. And while I'm bummed The Captain couldn't join us, I know he's out there fighting the good fight.

And that's that, pals! Thanks for coming to the table, and if you hate rasslin, I'll talk to you in February! Woooo!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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