Saturday, June 1, 2019

Show notes - Episode 194: Send a Note to Pick Up Sally

Morning, friends!

A lot happened this week, and I covered almost all of it: phone woes, N64, so much baseball, and more - let's get to it!

Click here to download the episode!

Pat rambles on phone woes (4:00) and our best sandwiches (11:17), rants on recipe blogs (25:09), shares some new video games (30:15), plays the latest tune from VISTA (36:02), and goes around the horn for MLB news (39:51).


I know I keep teasing a thing that's happening, but I don't want to mention it because I have thin walls. So instead I will make a separate post for it - possibly tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I need a new phone

As of writing this (7:03 AM Saturday), I do not have a new phone. I know which one I want, I just need to make sure I can get it without screwing up my current coverage. Fingers crossed my archaic phone works until then, youse guyses!

The best sandwich ever

Sandwich lovers: thank you so much for submitting your picks. Did I cop out of this one? Maybe, but I'll leave that up to you. If you made your best sandwich ever this week, or I guess if you're planning on it, take a picture and share it using #MeltingSandwich. Maybe some visual aids will help sway some people!

Recipe blogs

Dear people who write recipe blog posts, please share your stories after posting the recipe. I will gladly read about the time your grandmother escaped from someplace with just her cookbook in hand, but show me how to make the thing first. Even though I'll stay for it, that story is not why I clicked on your link. Be better!


I finally got one! More often than not, I play a tune from our good friends right before they release a new one. This week I was able to play their latest - get Electric Souls here, and find tour information here! Thanks, pals!

MLB roundup

I swear I had better notes prepared someplace, but I also enjoyed running through the standings like this. I think it's at least a better listen than throwing out stats like I used to do, so I'll call it progress!

We covered the Yankees' surprising success (gross), the Red Sox possibly "being back," how the Twins may have the Central - via their great play and the struggles of the Indians - and how the Astros may actually have the West won.

And in the National League: The Phillies are in first place, despite a bunch of bullpen injuries and hitting slumps. And I had more on the Herrera story, but I cut it to avoid getting too deep into stuff. The Braves have a good team (gross), the Central is anything but over, and many of the Marlins castoffs are doing very well on their new teams. Also, as surprising as the Padres are - Chris Paddack is crushing it - the West is for the Dodgers to lose. Sorry, other teams!

Was that too much writing for this new format? I don't know, you decide and get back to me.

Next week

Vito returns with some Super Wins, we'll play a tune from Get Your Head Straight, and talk about lots of other stuff!

And that's what I've got, pals! Thanks for coming, thanks for answering, thanks for...well I don't know what else. But you did the thing and I am proud. Now I'm off to learn some DDP Yoga - if I'm not dead, I'll see you next week!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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