Saturday, August 10, 2019

Show notes - Episode 204: Reloading Weird Inner Monologues

Morning, friends!

We have a packed show today (longer than an hour, sorry) with some yelling, rasslin, a sweet tune, and more! Let's get right to it!

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Pat rambles on being handy in the studio (2:29) and making time for creativity (6:38), yells about gun things (11:52) and smoothly transitions to our sexiest cartoon characters (25:12). Plus some new video games (34:31), a tune from Breaking Even (40:27), WWE Summerslam (46:21), some baseball updates (57:44), and how he’s making Twitter fun again (63:14).

Studio improvements

It will take some time to get this space sounding its best, but I'm doing my best! Jill suggested last night that I hang a curtain across the room I don't actually have to put panels on the back wall. Do they sell 8.5-foot curtains and rods?

Creatively making time

I really need to do this. I haven't really played guitar in months, and there are quite a few draft posts sitting in this blog cloud. Who knows how to manage time properly and is willing to help me do things? (I'm not going into the gun stuff here. I think I covered a good chunk of it.)

Sexy cartoon characters

I loved the answers for this week's question - shoutout to Prince for really bringing the *coin* HEAT on Josie. This was so fun and I think next week's could also be fun. Now if only I could get people to actually see my posts.....

Breaking Even

Thanks so much to our new friends, Breaking Even, for the tune this week! Check them out on Twitter, Apple Music, and Spotify! And go see them in Brooklyn on August 29 - tell them I sent you!

WWE Summerslam

I just realized I'm not caught up on my NXT either, which puts me behind for TakeOver tonight. Should I skip the party to watch rasslin, or go be with people and try to not embarrass myself? What a tough call. Enjoy all of the action tonight and tomorrow, friends!

Baseball stuff

I was ready to be mad about Adam Haseley being sent to AAA in favor of a crap pitcher, but he is now back on the major league roster because Jay Bruce is hurt again. Still, the Phillies are quite frustrating with both their play and roster moves. What a weird year. Here's Scott Kingery and his glorious hair:

Also join me on Twitter to see me respond to podcasts as if they're live! It's great fun!

And that's that, friends! I'm off to try to do some yoga before jetting (do people still say that?) to a party. Enjoy your Saturday, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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