Saturday, August 17, 2019

Show notes - Episode 205: It’s No Surprise I Walked for Toasty Tacos

Morning, friends!

I have no idea how a show with no sports, video games, or rasslin went 40+ minutes, but here we are. And if this is posted before 11:00am, go get yourself a breakfast crunchwrap.

Now let's get it on!

Click here to download the episode!

Pat rambles on birthday parties (3:31), walking for tacos (6:19), our favorite Mortal Kombat characters (16:09), rants on seat blockers (30:38), plays a tune from Werwe (41:04), and more!


Birthday parties

It was wonderful to see The Captain and his lovely laaaddyyyy, and to be able to spend an afternoon with some fine folks in celebration. It was also wonderful to eat chicken nuggets and not have to take 3 buses to do it. Thanks for having us, good sir! (She totally knew about the surprise, but sold it like a champ.)

Checking taco walks

Credit: Huffington Post

I really enjoyed my Sunday walk last week, and not just because I got a delicious crunchwrap at the end of it. I hope I get to do it every week, weather-permitting, because at least I'll be doing a thing (also look at that delicious crunchwrap). I know I won't always get so lucky to watch teenagers fail miserably and checkers before being ejected, but I'll take the quasi-fitness all the same.


I realize I may have come off quite ignorant here, but I had tons of fun. Also I know I misspoke when talking about Raiden - Christopher Lambert is the ultimate choice (my bad, Seanny!). As of typing this sentence, my digital version of Mortal Kombat on PS3 is at 47%, so I may be able to get in some fighting before Jill comes down and gets in the way.

(Also no love for my man, Baraka? Look at how he's wrecking Shang Tsung!)

Standing in the way

I want everyone who is a student or a parent of a student who takes public transit to read this: If there's an empty seat next to where you're standing, sit in it or get out of the way. Use your head and make an effort to be considerate. No one enjoys standing super close to strangers, so can we at least make the best of it?


Thanks to Michele for this wonderful recommendation, and to Werwe for the sweet tune! Go get the thing! I often say that what makes a great song for the show is whether or not it can be featured in a baseball video game, and that is true for this song. But I have another qualifier: if it would fit in The O.C. or Gilmore girls - and this song would blend with either of those shows. Winning all around!

Other stuff

I know I have to watch Jessica Jones and GLOW and The Boys and all of that - someone slow down time so I can get it all done. I also have to get myself ready to carry a cabinet into the house, so I'll leave you to your things and thank you once again for coming to the table!

Until next time, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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