Saturday, February 27, 2021

Show notes - Episode 311: Release Your Humiliation

Morning, friends!

If you don't like to hear me read out loud, today's show may not be for you. For everyone else? I shared some funny(?) injury stories, played a new tune from Brooklane, and rambled on TV things. Let's go!

Click here to download the episode!

Pat rambles on computer trouble (2:23), embarrassing injuries (4:53), and the new Paramount service (23:04). Plus a new tune from Brooklane (27:24), a Flyers Update from The Captain (30:39), and more! 


Computer trouble

I can't believe I was so careless. All I wanted was to download Garageband so I could use some of their sweet loops, but it was not to be. A funny thing about this though: the person who took over my PC to check my programs definitely lingered a bit when their mouse found Shower with Your Dad Simulator.


Thank you to everyone who shared embarrassing stories - I feel slightly better about mine now. And I'm glad you're all okay!

Paramount Plus

There are two reactions to this: "hey another streaming service" and "ugh, ANOTHER streaming service?" with no real in-between. If any of the shows and whatnot I mentioned interest you, sign up for the thing here!


Thanks to our pals for their sweet tune! Get Roll with the Punches here (Apple Music) and follow them on all of the places! Woooo!

Thursday Nights on Campus

I released music this week and wrote a long thing about it. If you don't want to read all of that, click here to listen to me do some singing. Many thanks to everyone who helped me put this together!

And that's that, pals - we made it through the thing! Thank you for joining me today. I hope you are staying safe and healthy, and that your ice cream is always cold. Until next week, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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