Saturday, October 9, 2021

Show notes - Episode 343: Find Your Order and Get Going

Morning, friends!

Today we did some sports stuff, talked about dumb customers, and played new music from old friends - let's do the stuff! (Image from - RIP)

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Pat rambles on idiots at Wawa (1:31), Facebook outages (7:35), and our proposed drive-thru options (11:54). Plus new music from 90’s Kids (21:07), Bills at Chiefs for NFL Week 5 (26:04), and MLB playoffs (29:30)!


Dumb customer

I don't know that I can officially call this a retail story because I wasn't working, but I definitely think this moron would have given me grief about a coupon exclusion. I understand that we were both waiting in the same space and no one likes that. But did she have to both lie to me and be a jerk about it?

Facebook outage

The funny part about Facebook being down is that your wacky uncle or high school classmate had nowhere to share their dumbass memes about the deep state or whatever. The bad part is that WhatsApp also went down and that caused problems for lots of people. Time to break up that monopoly!

New drive thru options

Thank you to everyone who shared their drive-thru suggestions. I will get on the horn posthaste to make all of these happen! Don't smoke and drive! (Or do. What do I know?)

Thanks to our pals for their new tune! I hope they don't get too mad that I botched their riff at the end, but in any case you can get the real thing here! Woooo!

NFL Week 5: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

I really hope this game is better than their playoff game last year so I don't sound like a dope. I think both of these teams are hitting a stride at the same time, so cross your fingers and toes!

MLB Playoffs

I know I couldn't be fully up to date, but recording this part of the show on Friday instead of Wednesday will help. Go, whichever team you like [unless that's the Braves]!

And that's that, pals! We did it! Thank you as always for joining me. I hope you have a lovely week and that you come back to the table next time for more fun. Until then, enjoy the sportsball and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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