Saturday, May 21, 2022

Show notes - Episode 375: Ocarina Party

Morning, friends!

The video bonus went longer than I thought it would, so the patrons will get a bit more meat on the bone today. For everyone, though: We have a song from good friends of the show, fan mail, weird sports stuff, and more. Also I edited the show while Arthur slept on me so it might sound rough around the edges - let's go!

Pat plays new music from Last Night Saved My Life (3:20), then rambles on birthday parties (10:14), forgotten invites (15:29), Ocarina of Time (19:39), a weird week in sports (25:06), and playoffs (31:35).

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Patreon bonus: Accountability at work

If you subscribe, you got a bonus segment before the actual show. Sign up to hear me rant on work stuff!

Last Night Saved My Life - Broke & Lying

Thanks to our friends for their latest tune! Get Broke & Lying here (iTunes) and find more from them here!

Birthday parties

My son is a year old! That seems insane. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate and/or sent some well wishes this way!

Fan mail: uninvited

If you asked me this, thank you. And no, I do not feel bad about not being invited anywhere. It means I don't have to put on pants and leave the house. Up top!

Ocarina of Time - Video game Hall of Fame

You know I love this game. If you don't, read why here. Also now I want to visit this museum in New York sometime. Sounds like a good time!

Sports: MLB, NBA, NHL

I debated taking the sports segments out of the show entirely to make them website-exclusive, and I still might do that outside of the NFL games. But I felt like Albert Pujols pitching and the Reds giving up no hits and still losing both warranted inclusion here. Also playoffs!

And that's that, friends - we did the thing! Thanks for joining me this week. Next time we'll try to do the second Rich and Shameless episode if we find time to watch it. I don't know what else is on tap, so come on back and we'll learn together. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

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