Saturday, November 5, 2022

A baseball post since Facebook doesn't allow notes (part one)

I don't know when Facebook got rid of the Notes feature and this was too long for a status, so here we go.

(Also I'm on my phone so I'm not adding pictures.)

I usually congratulate the World Series winner and then express disappointment about baseball being over. But I can't do that this year. And it's not just because my favorite team lost. (To be clear: The Astros are a very good team and deserved to win. Their bullpen had one of the best runs I think I've ever seen.)

Throughout the entire series, the broadcasters avoided mentioning that the Astros cheated to win in 2017 like MLB had a gag order. When they finally did? "This is a different team."

Pat's calling BS on that one. They have the same owner. There are five players who were involved or said nothing except "how dare Mike Fiers leak this" until they were forced to make hostage-style apologies. Their manager said "our guys have been through enough" when Dodgers fans finally got the chance to boo them in person in 2021. "The guys" were only punished by booing, because they used the staff as scapegoats in exchange for immunity.

I'll have a positive post about the Phillies tomorrow because they deserve that in a separate space. But this whole sweeping the biggest cheating scandal under the rug was gross and the Astros are a trash franchise from top to bottom.

I love baseball more than any other sport by a wide margin. But this display by the people on the broadcast was utterly pathetic, and the executives who made the call to present it in this way should be ashamed.

I feel slightly better now. I'll be back at it tomorrow with some positive thoughts on this Phillies run.

Crap open a cold one just for me.

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