Saturday, April 20, 2024

Show notes - Episode 475: Poor Planning All Around

Morning, friends!

It was a weird week, but I think we made it out okay. Music from a new friend, work complaints, baseball, and more! Let's go!

Music from Jack Adamant (5:42), weather woes (11:36), poor collaboration (16:23), high school reunions (27:38), MLB pitcher injuries (38:11), and the season finale Flyers Update from The Captain (54:21).

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Jack Adamant

Thanks to our new friend for the tune! Check out Jack Adamant's website here and Bandcamp here. Tell him Pat sent you!

Windy walkway?

If I had to guess which part of my back fence would have toppled in the wind, it would not have been the side that did. I did hear from the guy who built it on Thursday, but I told him that someone else is coming to handle it. Partly because I've been left hanging before, and other partly because my buddy agreed to put in a gate on the side. It will look silly, but it will be much more practical!

Collaborate this

You know that my job calls our office days "collaboration days," but I did zero collaborating on Tuesday. I did my normal work that I could have done at home. I was not pleased about wasting time and money commuting, and being around a bunch of smelly people. WFH for the win, every time!

High school reunions - would you go?

I relished in the opportunity to share the "Pat is dead" lore with new people, but on the whole? High school reunions are not for me. What say you? Have you gone? Would you consider going? Can a Melting Pat meet-up be a real thing that happens?

MLB notes

The day after I recorded last week, Ippei Mizuhara surrendered himself to federal authorities. He has to go to gambling addiction counseling and he is barred from entering casinos and using betting sites. Also? Angel Hernandez is really bad at his job. Also also? Pitchers get hurt often. Blaming one element (the pitch clock) is like believing the president is the sole reason your business failed. There are many factors at play. And only a Sith deals in absolutes.


Captain, you've done it again! Dropping my full name seemed unnecessary, but thank you for the kind words all the same. And thank you for your hard work this year! Playoffs next season, yeah? Let's get after it (like we have any control lol)!


And that, as we say, is that! I hope I sound better next week, but I can't make any promises. We did get some fan mail today, so we'll roll with that and see what else makes the cut. Thanks for being here! Come on back next time and until then? Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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