Monday, October 15, 2018

Question of the Week: 10/20/18

Morning, friends!

This week, let's talk a little fitness. I may or may not use your answers to make myself less fat, so leave them in the comments and let's do the thing! Deadline for submissions is 5PM ET on October 18!


Which do you prefer and why: Working out at home or at the gym?

Photo credit: Viacom/Nickelodeon


  1. Prefer the gym, can afford at home. Gym has more equipment and it's easier to mentally compartmentalize/motive myself if one place is just to work out and one place is to relax, like with work.

  2. Not really active at the time but once I gain some discipline I will most likely do it at home and save the membership money.

  3. TRying to work out only leads to heartache and disappointment. The best physical conditions of my body have been during periods where I was working strenuous manual labor. Perhaps we could start recording SHAP whilst pouring concrete.

    On a side note, please support the abolishment of female genitalia mutilation in Africa. I read about it recently, and the numbers will ShO0K YOU

  4. Home. The gym smells, even when it's clean. No matter how much they say it's a "judgment free zone," you KNOW people are judging you. And having to wipe down equipment after use is annoying and interrupts you when you're "in the zone."