Saturday, January 22, 2022

Show notes - Episode 358: You Can’t Buy My Intellect

Morning, friends!

A bit of a shorter episode this week but I think most people prefer those anyway. We heard music from new friends, Honey Revenge, and talked TV stuff. Let's go!

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Pat rambles on getting boosted (1:30) and Crypto bros (5:18), and shares some TV news (10:42). Plus new music from Honey Revenge (15:45), NFL Divisional Playoffs (22:01), and a Flyers Update from The Captain (27:06)! 



I did the thing! If I happen to get COVID again (obviously I hope I don't), the booster should mean I'll have not much more than a common cold. I don't want a cold, but that's certainly better than the alternative.


I have no idea why people will spend millions on collector's items. I could use some of that money instead, you know. I also don't know why these people thought they owned the rights to the material in the book just because they bought a copy. Why are we like this?

New TV stuff!

Degrassi. King of the Hill. Beavis and Butthead. Okay, one of these is a movie but it's still exciting. Also How I Met Your Father is very good so far. So many good things to watch! (Yes, I know I forgot to mention The Kids of Degrassi Street but as far as I know, that series is to Degrassi what Good Morning, Miss Bliss is to Saved by the Bell - not canon. I'd still like to see it, though, so let me know where I can find it in the US!)

Honey Revenge

Many thanks to our new friends for the tune! My bad for ruining it at the end! Follow them on Spotify and tell them I sent you! (Or not. It's fine, really.)

NFL Divisional Playoffs

I don't know if my picks will pan out this week after I went 6-0 last week. Really I'm just hoping for some better games because the Wildcard ones were mostly trash. Step it up, people!


The Flyers are struggling (they lost again the day the update was recorded) but The Captain never disappoints. Thank you for breaking down what has to go right to turn this ship around, good sir!


And that's that, my friends! Thank you for joining me this week. I hope you are staying safe and warm, and that you come back next time for more stuff. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

(This post was brought to you by Broad Street Bound.)

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