Monday, April 23, 2018

Question for the Week: 4/28/18

Hi, friends!

Since Josh will be making his season debut, this week I have a themed question. Think it over and leave your answers in the comments. Deadline for submissions is 6PM EST Thursday, April 26!

Do it up!

Which baseball movie is your favorite?


  1. I know most people will probably say Major League so I'm going to change things up and say The Rookie.

  2. I really haven't seen many. Never seen The Sandlot, and I'm pretty sure I never saw Major League.

    Only two I remember seeing are "A League of Their Own", which I enjoyed... and Angels in the Outfield, which I loved as a kid, but have pretty much zero memories now of what happens in the movie. Just vague images and impressions. It's got Christopher Lloyd, so I'll give it as my official answer.

  3. Whoops! Math teacher can’t read well! Thanks for the shoutout, btw!