Friday, June 8, 2018

Show notes - Episode 143: Proudly Playing the Name Game

Hi, friends!

We did things a bit differently this week, but I think it was just as fun - or more fun if you don't like sports. I am again crunched for time, so let's get to it!

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I have no idea why my neighbor thinks I'm Jimmy. I don't know who told him, but I think I'm too far into this to correct him and now have to lead two lives. This could get gross. I'm really into the holiday card idea, though! Festive!

To anyone who has walked by my house this week, my bad. I am recording for my EP and that basically means I have been playing the same five songs over and over again. No one on the block will download this when it gets released. Gonna be great!

I really thought about using the 13 Going on 30 movie poster for the image this week, but then I remembered I hate that movie. (That's not true. I've never seen it, so I don't really have feelings about it one way or the other.) People are asking me if I'm "freaking out" about turning 30. I feel like I'm letting them down by saying no. I'm in a good spot re: lots of things, so I can't really complain. It could be worse - a *coin* TV host could be president. Oh wait...

There are a bunch of games out that look super fun, and one of our featured movies stars Jeff Goldblum. So you really can't go wrong with the picks for this week. You also can't go wrong with our band, Beesly. Their new tune Mouthbreather is so fun and you can get it wherever you get your tunes! Yeah!

Shoutout to Brendan from Almost Better Than Silence this week for suggesting a great new TV show about inspirational revenge. "Invite me to your community college graduation LOL" *gets an invite to Ivy League doctorate ceremony* It's the ultimate! What family wouldn't want to sit down and watch that with their kids? Seriously, I want names.

And finally this week (wait, LEGO JURASSIC WORLD - okay I'm done), I saw this wonderful Dad joke on Twitter the other day and just had to share it with you. Feel free to follow this champion for more fun...or don't, whatever. This is still America for now!

And that's that, friends! Thanks for coming to the table. I hope you enjoy whatever you have going on this week, and that there is bacon and/or a taco (or several) in your future!

Crap open a cold one!

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