Saturday, May 11, 2024

Show notes - Episode 478: Choose Your Games More Carefully

Morning, friends!

We did so much today and I had a ton of fun putting this episode together. Our favorite video game tunes, making fun of dummies, baseball stuff, and more! Let's do this!

An update on the live show plans, music from here/now (6:47) and our favorite video game tunes (12:22). Then: gambling on the bus (35:08), hate-watching (48:44), hustle culture (1:02:13), & MLB notes (1:16:45).

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Thanks to our friends for the tune! Get Stayed Dead here and check them out at the Polish Club in Phoenixville tonight! Tell em Pat sent you!

Live show update

We have two major components in place for this episode, so now we just need a venue! If you know of any small theatres for rent in or around Philadelphia, please let me know!

Gambling on the bus

These people are so stupid. If you honestly think you can win money from some random dude with a deck of cards on the bus? Seek professional help. This is clearly a scam and I will never feel bad for you if you lose your electric bill money this way.

Hate-watching TV

I will never understand this. If you hate a show, please don't watch an entire season. The "point" you are making is that the executives will make more of the crappy show based on the numbers. If you like Velma, or if you work on Velma, I am happy for you. But if you "hate-watch" a show, please stop and watch a show you like instead.

Hustle culture

This idea that you have to brag about how many hours you work is so weird to me. And it's even worse when these people are severely underpaid. I am never impressed when someone says "look at how much I worked." I end up being sad and angry for them because they are usually not paid what they're worth. Start paying attention to that!

MLB notes

I really did plan to just talk Phillies for a minute or two, but making three or so minutes of other MLB stuff was fun for me. Of course the Phillies lost on the day I praised them. Par for the course! And I did get to watch some of Shota Imanaga's start on Tuesday - that guy is really good. I am going to try to make his starts appointment viewing this season. Who else should I be focusing on this summer?


And that, as we say, is that! Thank you for joining me once again. Next week we should have another new tune, and I'll probably do some complaining. So come on back and let's have some fun together. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Crap open a cold one!

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